Top Famous Rivers Around the World

Rivers are one of the most precious gift of nature to mankind. Many top and famous rivers, that now exist are home to some of the oldest civilization in the world. But now most of the cities having rivers have modernized, yet still they have some cultural heritage pointing out the many civilizations that have lived over there.

Rivers are the sign of prosperity of a nation, if a country has rivers it can be prosperous by all means. The most important thing that rivers are utilized for is, agriculture. Agriculture is one of the important source of income for developing countries.

Many countries like India,Pakistan and China are are highly agricultural and all this depends on the availability of fresh water through large rivers. But unfortunately we are not doing much in safeguarding these precious resources. Rivers are the major source of fresh water, if they dry out we have no place to go!

Here are some of the most famous rivers in the world:

  1. River Nile
  2. Amazon River
  3. River Thames
  4. River Yangtze
  5. River Mississippi
  6. River Severn
  7. River Ohio
  8. River Congo
  9. Colorado River
  10. River Ganges
  11. River Indus
  12. Parana River

How To Dress Well

How To Dress Well

This is the most important thing in a man or woman's life that how you look, dress and care for yourself. Because this what makes you attract other person. Whether you are going for an interview, meeting or just staying at home, if you are not in you right outfit then certainly you are missing out one important aspect of your personality.

Dressing is not just important because of looks but there is also an comfortability factor involved in it. So you should also know what to dress so that you are comfortable all the time. The article link above will guide you in all these matters!

How To Cut Your Hair

How To Cut Your Hair

At times when you go to a saloon you need to wait for your turn or when you call them for an appointment they will give you time some time and once again you have to wait. Both of these scenarios can be very irritating and annoying.

You might want to go for an urgent party or occasion and you want at least a trim for your hair but your hairdresser couldn’t find time to deal you immediately. There fore you have to find alternatives or may be if you want to save out some money than doing things yourself can be good idea. But first you should really gain some knowledge behind this thing before attempting it. The article link above will guide you in this regard.

How To Diet The Healthy Way

How To Diet The Healthy Way
These days, people of almost every age group are looking for a perfect diet plan. Not because they are keen to have a healthy lifestyle, but, actually they want to look great with smart physique. Usually when a person starts diet plan he is motivated to get himself a healthy and better life. All the dieters firstly think where to start and how to start. It is very simple to start but extremely hard to carry on. So there are some points which you must not overlook when you are on diet. You can in more in the link provided above!!

How To Kill Flies

How To Kill Flies
Proper cleanliness and maintenance are essential to get rid of flies. No doubt it’s the most irritating thing to have flies in home or somewhere you live. The most easy and simple method to kill the flies is to use bug spray. Another simple technique to kill those irritating flies is to hang a fly sticking stripes. Light traps is one another effective method. You can find more on the link provided.